Oiti Natural History Museum

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The effort to create Museums of National Parks in Greece was started by the Ministry for Agriculture (Forest Administration) in 1985. Therefore, it was decided to create ten museums in total corresponding to the number of our National Parks. The Forest Administration of Fthiotida was determined to apply the decision made by the government started in the mid 1985 the operations of creating a Natural History Museum of Oiti at the feet of the homonymous Oiti Mountain within the premises of the cattery of the Agathonos Monastery in an area filled with ever-ending natural beauty that is about 20km away from the National Park. Oiti Natural History Museum has been enriched with the flora and the fauna of Oiti Mountain, it provides information that relate to Geology, Paleontology, Climatology, Pedology and Ecology of the area of Oiti National Park.

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Χρονολογική περίοδος: 
Newer modern Greece
Διοικητικά όρια: 
Municipality of Lamia - Municipal Section of Ypati, Local Community of Ypati
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It is located West of the entrance of the Agathonos Monastery.

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Intercity bus, car, taxi
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Parking is available near Museum Entrance
Περίοδος λειτουργίας: 
Daily: 10:00 to 14:00
Εποπτεύων φορέας: 
Municipality of Lamia
Γενικές πληροφορίες: 
Ypati (District of Fthiotida) Phone: 22310-95236
Free entrance
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