Byzantine Museum

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The Byzantine Museum of Fthiotida, in Ypati was established in January 2007. It is housed in the building of the so-called 'Kapodistrian Barracks', that was built in 1836 to meet the needs of the Greek army. In 1982 the building which met other uses during its history was listed as a historical monument and in 1998 it was ceded by the Municipality of Ypati to the Ministry of Culture to be a museum. In the two-storey museum one can find representative artifacts from different areas in Fthiotida which date back to the early Christian and byzantine period (4th-14th century).

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Newer modern Greece
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Municipality of Lamia - Municipal Section of Ypati, Local Community of Ypati
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It is located west of Ypati's Square

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Intercity-Bus to the city center and then by car or TAXI
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Parking not available
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Tuesday to Sunday Winter hours: 9:00 to 15:00 Summer hours: 10:00 to 17:00
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24th Byzantine Antiquities
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24th Byzantine Antiquities, Othonos 47, Lamia and Ypati (District of Fthiotida) Phone: 22310-98079 Fax: 22310-98070 E.mail:
Entrance Fee: Normal: 2 € Persons> 65 years: 1 € Students, majors and multi-child parents: Free
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Πηγές: Α. Δούμα, Ν. Βασιλικού,, Βυζαντινό Μουσείο Φθιώτιδας, Υπάτη, Αθήνα 2007