6th Junior High School (Gymnasium)

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The 6th Junior High School (Gymnasium) is housed from 1979 in an imposing and magnificent building made of stone, which most likely is the most ancient in Central Greece. From an architectural aspect it has extraordinary features like the triangular pediment, the arches in the windows, the shingle roof and the imposing steel door on Ipsilantou Street. The construction of the building started in 1911 and finished in 1914 when it was used as a Girl's Primary School under the name 'School for Girls'. In 1938 it housed the Boy's Junior High School till 1978. It was listed as a preserved modern monument and building of general interest in 1982. This building was listed preserved by the Ministry for Environment, Town and Country Planning and Public Works as well as from the Ministry of Culture in a coordinated effort of preserving the cultural heritage of a city with a remarkable history and culture. It has been characterized as a historical preserved monument because it was thought to be an interesting building in terms of architecture due to its analogies. It was founded from Othon and Amalia and has been the first Gymnasium (Junior High School) in Lamia.

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Newer modern Greece
Municipality of Lamia - Municipal Section of Lamia, Local Community of Lamia

1. Southwards on Ipsilanti street,2. Laou Square-Karaiskaki street westwards to Kazouli street, 3.Circular Road: Eastwards to Tsirimokou street.

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Without Restrictions
Municipality of Lamia
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