The building of Prefecture of Sterea Ellada

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The building of the Prefecture of Sterea Ellada is located in Eleftherias Square, on 1 Ipsilanti street. It is owned by the Greek state. It was listed as a preserved monument in 1991 from the Ministry of Culture. During the German occupation the building was used as headquarters by the conquerors while before it was building of the National Bank of Greece. After 1944, the year when the city was liberated from the Germans, it housed ELAS and in 1946 housed the offices of the Military Administration of Lamia. In 1950 the Bank sold the building to the Greek government and today houses the Prefecture of Sterea Ellada.

Ιστορική περιγραφή-Αναδρομή: 
Χρονολογική περίοδος: 
Newer modern Greece
Διοικητικά όρια: 
Municipality of Lamia - Municipal Section of Lamia, Local Community of Lamia
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It is located in 1 Ipsilantou Street on Eleftherias Square

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Bus, Car, Taxi
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Parking not available
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Monday to Friday 08:00 to 15:00
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Municipality of Lamia
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Free entrance
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