Cultural and Tourist Resources of the Area

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Mills of Mouzelis

An interesting sample of industrial architecture, witness of the thrive of Lamia. The Mills or 'Milia', are connected with the memories of the city when it was economically and culturally prospering.
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Municipal 'Alekos Kontopoulos' Gallery

The Municipal 'Alekos Kontopoulos' Gallery, was founded in 1984 and is hosted in the building located in 6-8 Ainianon Street, where the Historical Records of the city is also hosted as well as the Trakeios Library and the Municipal Board Hall. It is part of the Municipality of Lamia and took its name in honour of the painter Alekos Kontopoulos who is from Lamia. The Municipal Art Gallery collection includes 144 works of art and design made by Alekos Kontopoulos as well as a series of unique ceramic plates painters with acrylic materials.
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